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Altera DE2i-150 FPGA Development Kit

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DE2i-150 FPGA Development Kit

A groundbreaking embedded platform that combines an Intel embedded N2600 processor with the flexibility of an Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA, DE2i-150 is a full-featured computer system that fuses together the world of high performance processing and unbelievably high configurability. The Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA on the DE2i-150 board is able speed up the responsiveness of the system while still keeping your solution cost and power effective.

DE2i-150 is equipped with around 150K logic elements with ultimate flexibility in terms of reconfiguration of actual hardware circuity and intellectual property as well as on-board multimedia peripherals, extendibility options for a true system-ready solution for any task.

The Intel Atom processor and the FPGA device are linked together via two high-speed PCIe lanes such that high speed communication between them is guaranteed. DE2i-150 offers a powerful hardware-software co-development environment with amazing and unlimited potential.



CPU : Intel® Atom™ Dual Core Processor N2600( 1M Cache, 1.6GHz )

Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology( 4 exection threads )

Intel SpeedStep® Technology

Instruction Set : 64-bit

Instruction Set Extensions : SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3

Integrated Graphics

Graphics Base Frequency : 400MHz

Chipset : Intel® NM10 Express Chipset

DMI x2 to CPU

Intel® High Definition Audio

Serial ATA (SATA) 3 Gb/s

Universal Serial Bus(USB) Hi-Speed USB 2.0

PCI Express Gen 1




Intel® 82583V GbE Controller

10/100/1000 Mb/s RJ45

3 status indicting LEDs



HDMI 1.3a

Audio Codec

Realtek ALC272VA3-GR


DIP package Bios Flash : GD25Q16

Programming Interface for Bios : Dedi-Prog Interface

Debug Interface

XDP header

Clock System

CK505 : 9VRS4339B

32768 Hz RTC crystal

27MHz VGA clock source


Power header for hard-disk

Current limit for USB


Mini PCIE header (Default for Intel® Centrino® Advance-N 6205 WiFi module)

mSATA header

RTC battery : CR2032


Featured Devices

Cyclone IV GXP4CGX150F31 device

149,760 LEs

720 M9K memory blocks

6,480 Kbits embedded memory

8 PLLs

FPGA configuration

JTAG and AS mode configuration

EPCS64 serial configuration device

On-board USB Blaster circuitry

Memory devices

128MB (32Mx32bit) SDRAM

4MB (1Mx32) SSRAM

64MB (4Mx16) Flash with 16-bit mode

SD Card socket

Provides SPI and 4-bit SD mode for SD Card access


Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps ports

High Speed Mezzanine Card (HSMC)

40-pin expansion port

VGA-out connector

VGA DAC (high speed triple DACs)

DB9 serial connector for RS-232 port with flow control


Three 50MHz oscillator clock inputs

SMA connectors (external clock input/output)


16x2 LCD module

Switches and indicators

18 slide switches and 4 push-buttons switches

18 red and 9 green LEDs

Eight 7-segment displays

Other features

Infrared remote-control receiver module

TV decoder (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) and TV-in connector

Kit Contents
  • DE2i-150 Development Board
  • DE2i-150 Quick Start Guide
  • HSMC Loopback Adapter
  • Intel WiFi Module
  • Power Supply (12V)
  • Altera Complete Design Suite DVD
  • Remote Controller
  • Type A-B USB Cable
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