2. El FSP 700-60AHBC PC Güç Kaynağı

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Ürün Kodu: ZZ.FSP.700W-60AHBC | İlk İthalat Dönemi: Kasım 2018 | Garanti Süresi: 3 Ay
FSP 700-60AHBC 85+ 
The AHBC series of FSP Fortron convinced with efficiency and performance. With sufficiently rich 700 watts and two 12 volt rails. For a stable and efficient operation of the 12cm fan and latest security standard provides. The wiring harness is future-proff, with enough PCI-E and SATA ports. The leads of the mainborrd connector are covered with heat shrink tubing. In addition, the sleek black design, which is likely to attract the attention of every enthusiast.

  • 80 + Bronze Design
  • Silent 12cm Cooler
  • Black Design
  • 23dB on 60% load

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