2. El JBC JT 7750 Hot Air Station

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Ürün Kodu: OTH.HOT AIR - JBC JT7750 | İlk İthalat Dönemi: Şubat 2019 | Garanti Süresi: 3 Ay

1.jpgHot Air Station

The JT 7750 is a hot air generating station intended for repair work involving electronic circuits with SMDs of any size. 

Control unit technical specifications

- Temperature selection from 150 to 450°C (300 to 840°F).

- Accuracy of selected temperature: ± 5%

- Air flow regulation: 6-45 l/min

- Station's maximum power: 1000W

- ESD protected housing. Typical surface resistance: 105 -1011 Ohms/square

- Equipotential connector and the metallic part of the heating element are connected to station mains ground supply for ESD protection.

- Complies with CE standards on electrical safety, electromagnetical compatibility and antistatic protection.

- RoHS compliant.

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